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Shell spikes.  Very cool.  Not to mention, shiny.

Spirals.  They say "its too much."  I say "Impossible."

Cherry quartz glass and amethyst.  The drops and the amethyst are faceted, so it's nothing but sparkles with this piece.

Blue and white.  Frosted blue glass with bright white shell.  Can be worn three ways.

That's right, it's all adjustable.  A change in the clasp gives it the ability to be worn long, so it's really like having FOUR necklaces.  Yay!

White pearls with abalone.  Big potato pearls feel great on the skin, and they bring out the silver lining of the abalone, which is complimented by the blue descending dots of shell.

Pearls and garnet, with chunks of coral.  The good news is, if you have escape from alcatraz, it doubles as a rope.  The bad news is, the coral chunks look like caramels, and you might get eaten.

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